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Have you ever considered how negatively, not exercising and maintain your shoulders in good working shape, can affect not only you for years but also your loved ones and life? Ordinarily people don’t know the important information that will be provided in this article. Reading on, you’ll be gaining that information. You’ll have an edge on others who don’t know about the importance of shoulder exercises and which muscle to particularly work on. That muscle being none other than the serratus anterior.

Why is the serratus anterior so important? Well it can affect your performance in daily lifting and even your upper movement. So in order to keep yourself from negatively affecting your shoulders, read on. This is valuable information you will appreciate.

Reason to exercise serratus anterior and who it benefits:

First we’ll further dive into what it means to not have your serratus anterior at its healthiest. If you have complications with your serratus anterior, you won’t be able to exercise. If you don’t exercise, then your health will deteriorate. It affects other areas of your body.

There’s a chance it can also affect you mentally and emotionally.Furthermore, now Imagine you had to one day defend yourself with punches. You wouldn’t be able to do anything. So in order to avoid such a tragic future, there are actions you can take today.

If you’re a martial artist or someone who practices fighting, then focus on improving your serratus anterior. You’ll see shifts in your punching speed and also punching power too. That creates deadly left and right hooks, don’t forget the jabs.
Not all fighters are aware of this.

So right there, this serves as an awakening for you. Study the body and the particular body parts you’ll have to improve. This information is also useful to those who are basketball players, tennis players, many sport players. For all of those who are active, losing the serratus anterior messes with their lives, so if you know someone who works out, show them this article because the recommended exercises are next.

Keep in mind that you can’t just train one set. When training one particular muscle in the body, you have to work on others. So with that said, you’ll have to execute the exercises mentioned, together.

Scapular Pushup:

The very first exercise is the Scapular Pushup, with a focus on the positioning of your toes. The only amount of reps you’ll have to complete is about twelve to fourteen. If you can handle more, than add as much as you’d like but remember to stretch and give yourself moderate rest time, as you’ll have to do with all the other exercises mentioned in this article.

Scap Push up and four pour:

The scap push up is next. This push up specifically assists in mastering full control over your retraction and protraction goes down. For the third exercise, look up and do the four pour Scapular pushup. That exercise will assist your spine as well and a rep of twelve will leave you feeling rejuvenated for sure.

Scap step up:

Now, the fourth exercise coming in is the scap step up. This one is more intense, but will also do the trick for really tightening and strengthening your serratus anterior. All you’ll need for the exercise is an object that’ll keep you four inches above the ground.

Overhead wall rollout:

For the final exercise, you just have to do the Overhead wall rollout. It’ll specifically be done in an upward motion so you’ll be using your shoulders and really getting the job done for that particular muscle group. Just make sure not to apply too much pressure.


There are various other exercises, but those are give you can get started on. Remember to take water breaks with these exercises, be careful if you have back complications as some exercises mentioned or that you may find, aren’t necessarily right if you do. Hope you apply the information in this article into your life and good luck.

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