Tips on How to Find the Best Electric Screwdriver

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There are dozens of different kinds of electric screwdrivers out there. This makes it hard to find which one to buy because they all seem good. Not all electric screwdrivers are the same and differ depending on the type of job you want. Here is some criteria for buying the right electric screwdriver for you.

Types of electric Screwdrivers

Simple screwdrivers are available for tightening loose screws, repairing door jambs, and other household chores that require replacing or tightening screws. Impact screwdrivers are available when working with damaged or rusty screws. The drill driver will not only tighten or loosen screws, it will also make the hole for you. Electric screwdrivers can come cordless or corded depending on your preference.

Advantage of an Electric Screwdriver

Jobs that used to take about a minute to do with a conventional screwdriver will take you seconds. Electric screwdrivers come with an rpm listing to tell you how many revolutions per minute a particular screwdriver uses. Rpm is important because you will want to know how much you can handle that will help and not hinder your work.

Special Qualities About the Electric Screwdriver

We already talked about speed because the less time you spend on repairs, the more quality time you can spend your friends and family. Many electric screwdrivers come with varying speeds to choose from to make sure that you are using the speed that is right for you. if you need to remove screws, the screwdrivers come with a reverse action button. It is important to know about torque control. Not all screws are created equal.

More Qualities About the Electric Screwdriver

Torque control is an important thing to check on when getting an electric screwdriver. Screws can come light weight or heavy depending on the job. You might need more power to get those heavy screws removed or tightened. Some screwdriver models will come with a spindle lock to allow you to use it like a regular screwdriver, especially if you are teaching someone how to use the screwdriver.

Handle and Accessories

It’s best to use a rubber handle than a plastic one in order to have a better grip when you are working. Many electric screwdrivers come with sample of screw bits to try. Nobody should pass up the chance to get carrying case. The case can not only keep your electric screwdriver safe, it can also store the screw bits and other accessories.

Brands to Buy

The best brands to consider are: Black and Decker, Bosch, and Wickes. It makes great sense to look over publications like Which or Consumer Reports to see which ones they recommend or don’t. These electric screwdrivers can be purchased online or even at your local hardware store. It also helps to read reviews to see which ones other people recommend.

Once you try and electric screwdriver, you may never want to try a manual screwdriver ever again.

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